Between the ages of eighteen months and four years old, we at Mavericks London believe this is an imperative age to lay down the foundations of football; all sessions will have elements of problem solving, independent thinking and ball work in relation to football.

Firstly all sessions will be FUN for any children participating in our sessions, if children are not having fun they will not want to play or continue with football.

Dribbling/ball control: encouraging the use of small kicks; always ensuring that children have the ball under control, and are not continuously chasing the ball.

Passing: working on basic passing techniques, in order to develop accuracy and range; with both feet.

Shooting: working on the basic of shooting using different parts of the foot, encouraging the use of both feet.

Balance/co-ordination: all of the drills during the toddler sessions will work on this; as it is one of the most important elements in football, which is sometimes understated.

Every session will have a focus on the above; this will allow progression through working on different skills and techniques.

At the end of every session we will recap with the Under 5’s on one specific skill they have learnt, in which we will encourage them to show their respective parent/s or carer what they have learnt. Additionally, we will ask that the child practices this skill until their next session with the parent/s or carer. This is to reinforce learning, laying the foundations for a “Practice makes Permanent” mentality.

During the Under 5’s sessions we will encourage the parent/s or carer of the children to participate in the session. This helps produce a positive environment, which we can work together to encourage and acknowledge when a child does something good during the session. Making the children aware so that they will continue to progress during the sessions.

***All feedback from parents is welcomed at Mavericks London, if you feel there is something that we have done well or have missed; please do not hesitate to speak to the coaches after the session***