All our juniors sessions are FUN for any children participating, if children are not having fun they will not want to continue to play and will drop out of sport.

We will work on communication, CABs (co-ordination, agility & balance), teamwork and independent thinking in a fun environment in relation to sport.

Within a sporting environment, making mistakes or learning curves are extremely important. Mavericks London coaches will encourage children, to learn after they have made a mistake:

  • WHY did that not work?
  • WHAT will you do next time you are in that situation?
  • WHY did we do that particular drill….
  • WHAT did you learn from that drill…
  • HOW do you progress from here….

Encouragement and acknowledgement when a child does something good, building on previous session week by week and reinforced learning building a long term foundation of steady progression of each child.

Mavericks London will continue to implement our “Practice makes Permanent” philosophy.