Having grown up in London we have experienced the importance of sport. By helping children and young adults to participate in sport, we can encourage and inspire them to stay away from the negative aspects which they may experience on a daily basis.

Increased sedentary behaviour, low levels of physical activity and a poor diet can have implications on health and wellbeing.

Being active and having a balanced diet contributes to psychological wellbeing, social interaction, healthy growth and development; increasing physical activity levels can reduce the risk of illness from diseases which are associated with physical inactivity.

Having recruited experienced professionals, in various fields; using football as our foundation, we have created and will provide an affordable physical activity and educational program that will benefit individuals, families and communities.

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Hello and Welcome to the official site for Mavericks London. We’re pleased to have opened our new site to you all. Should you have any problems please do contact us and let us know so Read more…